Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester and Liverpool

Plasma therapy is a non-invasive treatment which employs an electric arc to vanquish loose, excess skin. Following treatment, skin continues to tighten and firm. If you want to offer your clients a leading solution to loose skin, Rene Academy offers plasma therapy training courses across Liverpool, Manchester and the surrounding areas.


Common areas of application for plasma therapy include:


• Upper eyelid

• Lower eyelid

• Areas with benign skin blemishes (subject to confirmation of medical diagnosis)

• Wrinkled skin

• Scarring (when used alongside microneedling)


What’s Involved in Our Plasma Therapy Training Courses?


At Rene Academy, we split our courses into various parts, whether teaching in-person in Liverpool or online to clients in Manchester and across the UK. The course features around 6 hours of hands-on training and practice, taken one on one or in a small group. The online portion of our plasma therapy training courses takes up 34 hours, for a total of 40 hours combined theory and practice.


Some of the key things you learn over the foundational part of the course include how to handle the plasma pen, how it operates and its application. You also learn about the treatment process and get assistance with formulating a treatment plan, selling the service and pricing it.

Once this initial module is complete, you’ll be able to treat:


• The upper and lower eyelid

• Crow’s feet

• Glabella

• Pigment disorders and benign skin blemishes

Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 7
Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 8

Advanced Training


But we don’t stop there. Next, we help you build experience and learn advanced methodology/techniques. These include drawing technique and line/spray technology.


This advanced training gives you the skills to offer treatment for further areas, including:


• Nasolabial folds

• Upper/lower lip

• Corner of the mouth

• Ear crease

• Forehead lines


For more information about our advanced courses, please contact us today.



On Going Support


One of the ways we stand out from other providers of plasma therapy training courses around Liverpool and Manchester, is by offering plenty of ongoing support. This takes the form of training sessions, workshops and seminars.


Your personal development and independence are important to us; it’s our goal for you to not just apply this attractive new service but retain clients and increase both turnover and profit. Topics these sessions address cover a lot of ground, including but not limited to:


• Successful Communication

• Customer Acquisition and Retention

• Sale of Packages

• Leadership and Self-Management

• Online Marketing Strategies

• Facebook and Social Media

• Labour Organisation

• Time Management



Rene Academy is accredited by The British Beauty Group and The CPD Group. Our plasma therapy training courses award 40 CPD Points.

To book onto our plasma therapy training courses at Rene Academy in Liverpool, just a short drive from Manchester, call us on 07932 464671.




Accredited: Yes CPD Group(40 CPD POINTS)


Course Duration: 40 hours total. including online Prestudy and 1 day practical at Rene Academy

Entry Level: Beginner/Level 2/ Level 3 Beauty / Micro Pigmentation & Level 3 A&P/ Level 4  or equivalent

Maximum class size: 2


Course Price Option 1 : £2000.00 (Offer on £1500.00)


INCLUDING GENUINE CE APPROVED MONSTER PEN + 2 PROBES – Colour White (contact us if you need to know how to know which ones are Fake on the market) – The Genuine Pen has 8 Settings.


Course Option 2: £900.00 Course only, Plasma Pen not included

Finance : 0% Finance available via PAYITMONTHLY, option to pay upto 12 months, deposit required

Insurance : We are fully Insured by INSYNC

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Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 7
Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 8

Rene Academy
Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 8
Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 7

Rene Academy
Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 7
Plasma Therapy Training Courses in Manchester 8